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Tite (Brazil Coach) advised Coutinho to go to where he is happy to be.

                        'Coutinho should go to where he is going to be happy'. 

The spanish team had tried more than 3 times to grap coutinho from Liverpool. Besides, He is no longer interested in playing in Liverpool, looking at previous news' that had came out about his signing.

But the Manager of the English team (Jurgen Klopp) had no interest in selling him, he keep saying coutinho  is not leaving Liverpool.

The Brazilian Coach(Tite) believes a Player should be allowed to play in any club that he feels happy to play in If available. he told the press conference ahead of the world cup qualifier match in Porto Alegre."I told him(Coutinho) that i want him to play in any club he feels happy".

The Brazilian player has not played for Liverpool this season because of Injury. A brazilian doctor that is in charge of coutinho's case says He is not fit yet, that they can't take any risk. Meanwhile, they can't do without him in the squad as well.

Coutinho is not going to play against Ecuador. The brazilian doctor contacted Liverpool's doctor regarding coutinho's case. Even though, He does not understand english.