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Bobrisky made close to N 3million on his new Snapchat account.

- Should we start calling  Bobrisky a great Business woman for getting up to 300 followers who paid N10,000 only just to follow him and watch his video on his new Snapchat account. Maybe.

Bobrisky had  said earlier that he was going to delete his old Snapchat account for the new one (premium).
where followers would have to pay N10,000 to follow him.

He said he was tired of haters, for him to know his real and loved ones, he had got no option but to start using a premium account.

Recently, He claimed to have acquire up to N 3million on snapchat, that is, 300 people already paid N 10,000 just follow him on Snapchat. This is amazing Isn't it?